The Uttara Kaula (Northern tribe or family) is a tantrik tradition received in the West from Sri Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath.

In India, the Uttara Kaula is a Shakta (Goddess oriented) tradition that historically worshipped the Great Goddess in her form as Kali. The Goddess has many forms, and also appears as Lalita and countless others, depending on how she is approached.

The Fellowship is under the guidance of Sri Vilasanath (John Power), who was initiated by Dadaji in the lineage of Pagala Baba of Ranchi, Thakar Kalachand, and Pagal Haranath.

The rites, work and objectives of the Fellowship remain the Path of Expression and Liberation of the Mind through Creative Enjoyment in a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions of tantra and paganism.

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